National and international events

The Faculty of Law in Iași stands out through a series of well-established events, such as the annual session of scientific presentations, organized at the end of every October, on the celebration of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Days.

At the same time, numerous conferences and scientific debates can be found among the annual scientific events, during which diverse and current research subjects are approached: “Legal perspectives on the Internet”, The Enforcement Procedures Conference, The Labor Law Conference, scientific events of the research centres and student societies (under the aegis of the Robertianum Centre: “The School of Organic Law” Legal Hermeneutics Society, The “Dimitrie Alexandresco” European Civil Law Society, The “Europae Caritas” European Social Law Society, The “Insignis, Scientia & Ars” Workshop of Intellectual Creations; The “Mihail Vasile Jakotă” Centre of International Law, The “I. L. Georgescu” Centre of Business Law, The Public Law Society, The “Vespasian Pella” Criminal Law Society).

Our faculty’s francophone cooperation brought together in Iași great university centres: organizing the summer school on human rights, in cooperation with the Rene Cassin International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg (2006 and 2007 editions); organizing the francophone international conference of PhD students in criminal law, with the participation of PhD students and doctoral supervisors from Bordeaux, Nantes, Napoli and Chișinău (2014, 2015, 2016).

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