Our faculty’s graduates made the quality of the legal studies in Iași known through constant positive results at the admission exams in the following legal professions: judges, prosecutors, lawyers, court clerks, notaries, court executors, legal advisers, magistrate-assimilated legal counsellors, counsellors within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, policemen, servicemen etc. The administrative structures within the European Union are a chance for the jurists in Iaşi to professionally assert themselves, having successfully passed the admission exams for becoming an European civil servant.

Moreover, our faculty’s graduates continued their studies abroad, in European countries, but also in Asian or American countries. Thus, we take pride in our former students who enrolled for master’s degrees or PhD studies in Konstanz, Bordeaux, Paris, Shanghai, Beijing etc.

Equally, the faculty’s teaching staff is formed of our very own graduates, thus ensuring the continuity in spirit and values of the law school in Iași.


For all of the abovementioned reasons and especially for its young spirit, the Law Faculty in Iaşi is and will remain a proper environment for valuable academic and human experiences.

Therefore, we extend our warm welcome to you in joining us!

Faculty of Law

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