Short history

The Faculty of Law, the first Moldavian law faculty - whose direct successor is the current profile faculty within the University of Iasi - began its existence on June 3, 1830.

At that moment, with a special solemnity, the opening of the first law course in Romanian was inaugurated by the state jurisconsult, Christian Flechtenmacher, also appointed at the Vasilian Gymnasium, in the Trei Ierarhi premises, where the future Iași Academy began its courses, until it finds its own headquarters.

The founding of the University of Iași in 1860 was based on the School Establishment of 1851, but the unitary organization of the higher education activity, including legal education, was carried out in the implementation of the Public Instruction Act of December 1864.

In 1860, the Faculty of Law was the only one that operated with all three years of study, and also had the largest number of professors.

The Faculty of Law in Iași based its existence on the interest of forming and developing a legal conscience of both legal professionals and the entire community.

The revolution of December 1989 opened a new chapter in the history of the Faculty, which, freed from the pressure of political factors, contributed to the achievement of the rule of law through specific ways of teaching and research.

In the last three decades, the teaching activity has been subsumed by the tradition of excellence of our predecessors, being one of the most significant contributors nationally to the training of professionals in the field of law.

The research activity carried out in the Faculty is a source of true upward evolutions, generating specialized doctrine and participating in a constant dialogue with the professional environment.

Faculty of Law

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